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Witchy Moon Nail Wraps

Witchy Moon Nail Wraps

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Do you love to have nice looking nails but hate using polish? It is so time consuming to apply, hard to get neat edges, and then let’s talk about the time to dry! It's always smudged because life is too busy to wait!

These real polish nail wraps are not the super thin, flimsy, delicate, and hard to apply wraps. These are sturdy, strong, and easy to apply wraps! They should last on average 7 - 14 days depending on how rough you are on your hands and nails. It's so quick and easy to always have beautifully manicured and decorated nails! Just 10-15 minutes per application with no worries about smudging! Peel, stick, trim, file, and done! Try them out today! These won't last long!

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